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This Just In, White People Like The Onion Movie

June 24, 2008

Christian Lander, author of the notorious tell-all entitled Stuff White People Like, has just wrapped up a contest and received over 685 entries! Readers were asked to submit a 350-word entry showing off their knowledge of white people…Winners of the contest are to receive a copy of Stuff White People Like, in their choice of either autographed or mint condition, a copy of The Onion Movie DVD, and will have their fully-credited entry posted to the site.

Thanks, on behalf of white people, for including a copy of The Onion Movie!

The book features:

50% all new, never before seen material
Flow charts including, “How to name a white child,” and “Where should a white person live?”
A definitive, easy-to-score quiz to determine your exact level of whiteness
Much, much more!