Contest To Win A Free Copy Of The Onion Movie DVD!

This just in, area man wants to win free copy of The Onion Movie on DVD. Sources say that local blogs have addressed this issue and have organized a giveaway. Area man may be too busy trying to find pornographic material on YouTube to notice blog post.

If you’re a fan of the The Onion, and you’ve liked what you’ve seen on this blog so far, drop me a comment and I’ll be picking a few lucky winners to send a free copy of The Onion Movie DVD… would make a great gift for dad ๐Ÿ™‚

Just leave a comment on this post telling me whether you think Melissa Cherry is HOT or NOT and you’re automatically entered into the contest for your chance to win a free DVD.

Contest closes Monday, June 16. CONTEST IS CLOSED


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24 Responses to “Contest To Win A Free Copy Of The Onion Movie DVD!”

  1. m.dinesh Says:

    This is a great contest, I like orion so much,
    Please consider me, Thank you for the contest once again.

  2. bunny Says:

    I think she’s HOT!

  3. William Nash Says:

    Melissa Cherry is pretty hot, but the little blue guy in the “Take Me From Behind” video is REALLY HOT!!!

  4. Sean Green Says:

    I think sheโ€™s HOT!

  5. john nobles Says:


  6. Denise H. Says:

    I find the red-white-blue bikini to be bad tste, therefore, I’d have to say “NOT.”

  7. Denise H Says:

    “NOT”-the red/white/blue bikini is in bad taste.

  8. Dave Neumann Says:

    why should i win the onion movie? because i NEVER WIN A F$%^&*G THING! Thank you and may god bless you all ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Jonathan Says:

    I Think She is hot very hot

  10. Beth Senturia Says:

    I love the Onion and wish this flick had hit theaters. Well, better on DVD than not at all! Would love to win a copy.

    Melissa Cherry – hot!

  11. Nathaniel Pleasants Says:

    Not !!!

  12. elektrolad Says:

    Yeah, she is hot, but where are we supposed to take her?

  13. Helen Griffiths Says:

    I think shes HOT!!!!

    Im from England and I LOVE the Onion! Please give me a chance to win!

  14. Deb Says:

    This looks a totally cool movie – I would love to win it and laugh my head off

  15. Simon Says:

    I think she’s HOT!!!!!

  16. megan frampton Says:

    I have yet to see it in full but i loved what i have seen so far!! i’d love to see it all ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Rocky Frisco Says:

    Melissa Who????

  18. Johannah B Says:

    Definately hot.

  19. Amber Goode Says:

    I think she’s hot. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I look forward to seeing it if I win this contest…If not I might just have to go buy a copy…Thanks!

    Amber Goode

  20. CHRis Says:

    she is so hot

  21. Mike Says:

    M. Cherry is definately on the to do list !!!!

  22. Shawn Jones Says:

    Yeah – she is pretty hot!

  23. jp182 Says:

    She is awesome. yep definitely hot!

  24. Tim Says:

    I’d have to say HOT.

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